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Venerable Lobsang Gyelse's cabin for the three-year retreat for peace

The Great Retreat

A 3-year, 3-month, 3-day silent meditation retreat for peace. This Great Retreat will be held in the high desert of southeastern Arizona. read more


“I ask for your help in making this dream come true. I need help financially to build the retreat space, I need help building….”  more info

Funds raised:

courtesy of Kidica

Prayer Wheel with Snow

Prayer wheel with Snow

Ven. Gyelse breaking ground

Ven. Gyelse breaking ground

The Spring at Diamond Mountain

The Spring at Diamond Mountain

Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom

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Ven. Gyelse, along with the other retreaters, started the Three-year Retreat for Peace in the evening of December 30, 2010. She will now be out of contact until Spring of 2014.

After the first month, “I will be going into what we call deep retreat for a month and so all outside activities will be stopped at that point. And then another break period.  In this way we will move into [...]

We got it!!!

there is still so much to do, but that will have to happen in the month ahead as we wind down into retreat. And in the break periods between deep retreats.

I will take some photos and post them before i go into retreat

again thank You to everyone, those mentioned and those not.

Hi Lovies

Some of you have asked how to send things to me during retreat.
here is the mailing info that we will be using
Adressed to
DM Retreaters
P.O. Box 153
Bowie, AZ 85605

Then have whatever inner box or envelope labeled with your name.
UPS/ Fed Ex deliveries ONLY go to:
DM Retreaters, 3270 S. Old
Ft. Bowie Rd., Bowie, AZ 85605.

so you address it to “DM Retreaters”
and then inside envelope, package etc you put my name-Lobsang Gyelse,

Please don’t write a letter or [...]

I am driving back to California today with my mom, i will be gone for a week.  I am taking some things back there to be stored , picking some things up, having Christmas with my family and then driving back on the 26th.

I have left the finishing touches to Serg and Eric and whoever else shows up to help.  4 more people got the CofO’s today it is very exciting, maybe we will be [...]

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